November 1, 2011


our halloween started at the beginning of last week when i asked {for the millionth time} what the 3yo wanted to be for halloween. he decided capes and masks were the way to go. our conversation about particulars went something like this:
me: we're going to look for capes, but if we can't find one, i can make you guys one. what color would you like if we make capes?
3yo: (deep in thought for a moment) brown
me: (somewhat surprised by his request) ok, sounds good. and if they don't have brown, what's our backup color?
3yo: (thinking) yellow
me: (even more surprised at his nice color scheme) sounds great....actually. what symbol would you like on the back, like a star or triangle or circle (aka. something easy)?
3yo: how about a trash truck?
me: not going to happen
3yo: how about a tornado?
me: tornado i can do.
hilarious. where do they get this stuff?
we had one 'super' boy in a tornado and one with a shield. i made their emblems out of felt and appliqued them on with a zigzag stitch. for the capes, i made a template out of paper for half the cape at about 26" long (the perfect toddler length..with room to grow), cut on the fold adding 1" for slippery satin seam allowance, topstitched, added velcro, and done.

2 happy 'super' boys. (we knixed the masks due to time constraints, sick boys, and the ongoing wavering between this costume and something else random. they may come at a later date.)

hoping your halloween was fun too!


  1. Oh my word; how awesome are they? You good momma!

  2. "trash truck"'d think you all live in the county or something...too funny.


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