February 15, 2014


this is my stlmqg challenge quilt. we were given Riley Blake fabric to use. our guild's guidelines were that it had to be a finished quilt bigger than 24" on all sides. i've wanted to try out the feathers quilt block/pattern. i was also inspired by this target mug {my daily favorite mug}. i'm pleased with how it came out and am excited about the possibilities this block has in all sorts of different projects.
i opted for some straight line quilting in clumps. i like the opposing texture it gives the quilt.
 you can really see the texture the quilting gives on the back.
quilt stats
size: 40"x45"
fabric: Riley Blake Challenge fabric, scrap solids
pieced & quilted by me

January 17, 2014


a few more pattern reviews.
this is a noodlehead divided basket i made for my sister {who loves organization}. it was an extremely easy pattern to follow and fun to make.
i also needed a new purse and had the noodlehead go anywhere bag pattern. i seriously LOVE this bag and know it won't be the only one i make. the size is perfect, with tons of pockets. i love how sturdy it is. of course it helps when you use a favorite fabric.
i ended up with my sister's name for our family christmas secret santa exchange. she is a hairdresser who often finds herself out and about to do wedding hair and had asked me a while ago if i would make her some bags to hold her stuff in. i shopped in my stash and also took this opportunity to make a few boxy pouches. i used a mix of the tutorial at the plaid scottie and the one at truly myrtle. the latter includes the formula for changing up the sizes of your bags, which was super helpful.

the last one was a perfect zip bag. i really like the shape and sturdiness of this bag. it will definitely be a pattern i use again.

January 16, 2014

{lou}bee pillows

for our {lou}bee swap in november i had cara. i was inspired by these rocky mountian puzzle blocks, and thought they would be perfect for my munki loving friend. it was fun to pick out fabrics for this pillow. i actually used a necklace i knew cara loved for the color inspiration. i had the back dot picked out and while we were on a retreat heard her say it might be her favorite fabric ever. win for me! 
fabric: DS katie jump rope, chicopee, flea market fancy; heather ross munki; comma pin dot

her girls are star wars fans {as well as my boys}, which makes for a great excuse to get a bit of star wars fabrics in the collection. this pouch is a pattern in patchwork please. i really like the shape of it, although the lining is hand stitched in, which takes a while. i'm pleased with their turnout.
for dec {which turned into january} i had jessica. jessica is a cat lover. it was a great chance to try elizabeth's cat block tutorial. they were super easy and fun to put together.
this little cat bag/thread catcher was also in patchwork please.

fabric: julianna horner & DS for joanns, uptown by erin michaels, amy butler, kona snow, linen

January 4, 2014

{lou}bee quilt

my last quilt done from 2013. this is our {lou}bee quilt from 2012/13, where we each picked/designed a block to put in a sewing themed quilt. you can read some of my posts about this quilt in process here and here.
it was a bit of a puzzle to figure out how to lay it out. i paper pieced 8 {bee}blocks, the free pattern from badskirt, one per {bee}member. the rest was a use of the fabric i had leftover and a few pieces of specific sewing-themed fabric i had.
i decided to quilt it using straight lines in hopes that {besides, of course, it being my favorite} it would be a unifying but not destracting element to the quilt. i think it worked.
the back was pieced with leftovers and a timeless treasures retro sewing machine fabric i about died over for this quilt. this is such a special quilt to remind me of the sweet community of sewing ladies i've the pleasure of knowing.
quilt stats
size: 65"x65"
fabrics: see previous post
pieced and quilted by me

January 3, 2014

{baby} quilts

i'm catching this space up with a few more quilts from the end of 2013. here are 3 baby quilts i made this fall.
the first is the pattern busy city by teaginny. i have been adoring this pattern since i first found her quilt. i was ecstatic to be the winner of the pattern and would recommend it to anyone. it's a fabulous pattern, with all of the paper pieced vehicles on cd. i'm happy to call this quilt a scrap quilt {even the background}. this was a lot of fun to make and i'm sure there will be more little trucks in my future.
the quilting is a mimic of the plaid print that is on the back.
pattern: busy city 
size: 36"x36"
pieced quilted by me
fabrics: random kona solid scraps

the next 2 are the same block. it's the modern maple block that has been all over the internet. i thought i'd try it on a small scale first. i ended up with enough blocks for two quilts.

size: 36"x36"
fabric: julianna horner, rosette, for Joanns
pattern: modern maples
pieced & quilted by me

November 23, 2013

busy bee

this round for our {lou}bee we are doing a secret sister swap {sss}. basically, it's christmas every month. we have a secret sister we're thinking of and creating for, and another is doing the same for us. then we go to some public place to exchange and make emotional messes out of each other. it's FANTASTIC! i don't know about you, but when you love to create, it's almost even MORE fun to create for people you love and then even MORE MORE great to create for people who appreciate the art of creating {whew!}. that's how much fun this is.
i've decided to stick with pillows {i hope that's good for the girls who have yet to get theirs}. what i love about these are the fact they are basically mini quilts. it's been fun to try some new things.
month #1 for JuliAnn
{20" pillow}
completely inspired by the AMH prism quilt/pillow. i ADORE these fabrics and pattern. AMH is a color genius. seriously.{hopefully soon} you will see a full quilt inspired by this.
i was making some of these little guys for my little boys and thought i'd send some along for her boy. 

month #2 for MaryClaire
another AMH free pattern, the feather pattern. done in the lovely chicopee. i love everything about this pillow.
{18" pillow}
month #3 for Jamie
{picture borrowed from Jamie}{my pillow is on the left}{18" pillow}
this pillow was fun for me. i love these fabrics {tula pink}, though not as much as jamie, i just have a really hard time using them in things i'm creating for myself. it was fun to be thinking of jamie's love for these as i used them. this was also my first time piecing hexagons by machine. ooooo...i'm so glad i tried this. it makes the thought of a hexagon quilt a little further in my reach of possible. i am obviously a dork, though, and completely forgot that juliann had ALSO made her a tula hexagon pillow. nothing new under the sun. 
i'm using this pillow tutorial and will probably do a separate pinterest-y post with more links.

October 8, 2013

owls in the stars

i'm here, though i can't believe it been almost THREE months since my last post. i have not meant to be so quiet. when the choice is to sew or blog, sewing usually wins out....and i'm *pretty* sure i'm amongst friends on that one.

it doesn't help when there has been secret sewing going on. i'm excited to finally get to share a little quilt i made for my nephew, who will be making me an aunt the beginning of novemeber.
this quilt was part of a couple of projects we did with the STLMQG. the first is a workshop we were lucky enough to participate in with Jacquie Gering. what a blast!! this lady was real and genuine and i so loved hearing her stories about how and why she creates the way she does. it was a morning well spent! i had other ideas for my 'crazy piecing', but in the end the crazy was getting a little TOO crazy. i used it as the 'grass' part of my quilt.
the other challenge we did was the 'ohio star' challenge. basically we had to make a quilt using the traditional block in a more modern way. my sister has a loose owl theme going for my nephew's room. stars+owls seem to make the perfect quilt to me.
this was the first time i did a more patchwork background on a quilt. i was pretty nervous about how it would turn out. keeping the blocks in a light-dark progression and the stars in the consistant white gave some structure to the improv. i LOVE how it turned out!
i finished the back with some leftover blocks and blues i had on hand. the quilting is wavy line quilting with my walking foot and Starry Night inspired swirls around the stars.
i am so pleased to be able to give this to my sis and her little one. it's one of the main reasons i love this craft in the first place.
quilt stats
size: 45"x60"
fabric: assorted scraps
quilting: wavy line by me