December 31, 2014

{year end}

whereas blogging has not been a strong suit this year, the same hasn't been true of my sewing. i'm wanting to do a quick post with some quilts i have finished in time for the end of the year and stlmqg's wow {war on wips}. i may add some more details to these later, but for now, pictures and a short recap are good for me {yay for finishes!! and a lengthy post!}.

 quilt pattern: spell it with moda {free}
size: 60"x60"
fabrics: all different
pieced and quilted by me {a free motion practice and success!}
 pattern: modern alphabet by Tula pink
size: 66"x78"
fabrics: random
pieced and straight line quilted by me
 pattern: scrappy trip around the world {free tutorial}
size: {there are actually two made, only one pictured} 48"x48"
fabric: dream on by urban chicks
pieced and quilted by me {the second is another loopy free motion practice and success!}
wip since may 2012
 quilt pattern: summer sampler series {free}
size: 52"x52"
fabrics: kona solids
pieced and quilted by me
wip since may 2011 {i had made two others to give. this one was for me}
 quilt pattern: interlocking stars, later called sparkle punch by E.H.;
guidance for the tree skirt from Cindy's book
size: 44"
fabrics: red and green and yellow
pieced and {star free motion!! yay!} quilted by me
wip since feb 2012
 my masterpiece {i kid, kind of}
pattern: x plus 12"block
size: 96"x96"
fabrics: all of the lovely AMH hoarded stash
pieced and quilted by me
wip since feb 2013
excited for a productive year and to have crossed off some of my resolutions from last year off my list.
cheers to a new year!

July 28, 2014

{lou bee} wrap up

we finished our gift giving this spring. sticking with the theme of pillows, i have two more to share.

inspiration was easy to find after perusing kristy's pinterest board and finding this fabric bundle of sarah watson's Dem Bones. i drafted a paper pieced skull pattern imitating the fabric that is on the back {and not actually shown here}. 
lynne's pinterest board revealed her love of the plus pattern. combined with her known love for solids, this pillow came together in another low volume project. 

i'm so pleased with the way all of these pillows turned out, specific to each of these special ladies. i'm looking forward to another year, another round!

July 24, 2014


another sweet baby to be celebrated, whose parents are HUGE harry potter fans. they made the decisions for this quilt easy.
it started with a few screen printed blocks from amanda at the craft junky. she was delightful to work with.
searching online for free paper pieced harry potter blocks led me to this site, rounding me out with the crest, wands, and the deathly hallows symbol.
improv-ing {yes, a word} my way along, with some solid advice from friends, i added some color with the low volume background. this quilt, then, is my first official dive into the 'low volume' aesthetic. it's also my first REAL attempt at free motion quilting, and while it's not perfect by any means, i feel confident about gifting it away to this special babe.
{you can see his mom's post about it here}
quilt stats
size: 43"x43"
pieced & quilted by me

July 16, 2014


with a load of boys running amok in this house, it's rare that i get to sew with pink. it's probably the smallest color represented in the hoarde stash. when some dear friends of ours had a sweet girl, i couldn't resist.

i've been wanting to try out this pattern since i saw it years ago. the search for pink in the stash and grays from the scrap bucket were complimented by the ease with which i found this pattern to be followed.

this quilt is the first i've used quilter's dream batting for, and it will certainly not be the last. it truly is a dream, and the drape!...seriously worth the extra money.

quilt stats
size: 45"x45"
pattern: lemon squares by fresh lemons
pieced & quilted by me

July 14, 2014

{challenge} quilt

i really should know better than to rely on my memory to keep an accurate account of {well, anything, really} how inspiration moves. i know it started by looking at the spindl-y fabric, to circles-radius'-stars, to dissecting above items, to this randomly finished project.

the thing i love about this project is that i really had no idea where i was going with it. it morphed at each stage. it's not my favorite quilt at all, but i am glad to have finished it and to have tried something new and pretty outside my normal asthetic. the curves are free-handedly cut and sewn back together. 

i wanted to play with the negative space, but didn't feel like curvy-line-quilting would have done it justice. i went with 1/4" straight line quilting instead. i like it, but feel like maybe a different kind of quilting could have stepped it up a notch. not to mention learning that unless it's a small quilt, there may never be 1/4" quilting in my future again {takes for.e.ver.}.

i'm glad to be joining my fellow guild members in the michael miller fabric challenge open wide to the modern quilting guild.

quilt stats
size: 40"x42"
fabrics: michael miller fabric from STLMQG, solids
pieced & quilted by me

July 3, 2014

{diving in}

at the beginning of the year, the continued {resolution} was to USE the STASH! i decided to cut into the good stuff, tired of only looking at it on a shelf. in one sitting, i cut into my Anna Maria Horner stash for two small projects and a quilt {that is still in process}. here are the two smaller projects, and i couldn't be more pleased!
the first is a mini color wheel inspired by alex and purl soho's. purl soho offered a {free pattern} that i cut from single pieces of 16 fabrics. Finished it measures about 20.5". fabrics are AMH's dowry and true colors and architextures.

the second is the sew together bag from sew demented.
this one was a little tricky to put together, but well worth the effort. picking out the gorgeous fabric was definitely the fun part!

i love having these projects in rotation of daily life. it makes life much more colorful!

February 15, 2014


this is my stlmqg challenge quilt. we were given Riley Blake fabric to use. our guild's guidelines were that it had to be a finished quilt bigger than 24" on all sides. i've wanted to try out the feathers quilt block/pattern. i was also inspired by this target mug {my daily favorite mug}. i'm pleased with how it came out and am excited about the possibilities this block has in all sorts of different projects.
i opted for some straight line quilting in clumps. i like the opposing texture it gives the quilt.
 you can really see the texture the quilting gives on the back.
quilt stats
size: 40"x45"
fabric: Riley Blake Challenge fabric, scrap solids
pieced & quilted by me