March 28, 2012


i'm glad to have this quilt top done. it's grown on me, in it's complete-ness, but there have been many moments  where these triangles had the best of me. it probably didn't help that my 2 toddler 'helpers' thought it was fun to mess up the layout on my floor. oh my.
i think i'll like it even more when i can play with the quilting.
i mentioned the beginnings of this quilt here and am linking up to rachel's Festival of Scrappiness.
quilt top details:
size: 61"x61"
pattern: triangle template
fabrics: kona solids scraps


  1. Oh, WOW, Laura! This is a TON of work! I LOVE the triangles, and your pops of light in with the bright. So cool.

    I bet you DID have a lot of "help" with this! You must have the patience of a saint! :D

  2. Fabulous! I love this. I have two "helpers" at my house too.

  3. Oh, goodness - wow!!! That is stunning.

  4. the play of light and dark is amazing! I love the random places where darks touch darks, adds so much depth. Wonderbar!!!

  5. Love it! The triangles would of gotten the best of me I'm sure.

  6. Love it! Wow! You have some patience with all those triangles and two little helpers. I have most of my blocks up on my design wall and they still tend to "help" reorganize them. They really love helping unthread my spools of thread. :)

  7. This would be great for an entry in Quilt Con.. Fabulous


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