March 16, 2012

{week 32}~a little late

here are my blocks, bringing me up to 54 total. i'm still behind, but glad to at least working on them.
13 {buckwheat} 
 47 {homemaker}
ahhh! first time for y-seams. the block generally lays flat, but as you can see, definitely is not square. it wasn't as scary as i thought. maybe it'll get better with practice.
 53 {jackknife}
i think this one is my favorite of the group. i love the block and how it came together.
 58 {mother's dream}
the 4 together


  1. your jackknife block is lovely. and the color contrast in mother's dream is fantastic.

  2. I'll never tire of seeing you make these. Me on the other hand....he he he.

    Love them all!


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