April 4, 2012

farming {1}

sew-ins are awesome. our guild had one this past saturday. i worked on these little blocks the whole time. i had everything cut up beforehand and took advantage of pure sewing time. excellent!
i'm going to break them up into 2 posts, as there are 18 of them. i think it helps me catch up to the sew-a-long group.
 17 {cats & mice}
 19 {checkerboard}
 26 {cut glass dish}  hello small pieces!
 36 {flower garden path}
 39 {friendship}
 40 {friendship block}
 59 {night & day}  don't look to close at this one...it doesn't quite lay flat
 60 {noon & light}
63 {ozark maple leaf}


  1. These are so sweet -- it will be a beautiful quilt!


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