November 3, 2011


hello!! and welcome! i'm so excited to be sharing my first quilt in Amy's Bloggers' Quilt Festival. i have been a faithful follower for about 2 years and am excited to finally be a participant.
you might recognize this pattern, as it has swept through the modern quilt blogosphere like wild fire. this is Denyse Schmidt's Single Girl pattern. i came across this pattern as the world of online modern quilters was opened wide to me, about 2 years ago, and i love the modern twist on an old classic. i decided to make this for one of my best girlfriends, who was not engaged at the time i began this, but i knew the time would be here soon, knew my reputation as a procrastinator, and knew this quilt was a GREAT chance for me to 'stash-up' on some modern fabrics {really honey, it's for a friend ;)}
it was time consuming, but not complicated, and i found it was a great time passer in the midst of a cold winter. i was new to curved piecing, but found this very easy to do. i had the top pieced the following spring and there it sat until a Single Girl support group popped up on flickr. it was the last push i needed to pull it all together.
i found a local longarm quilter and she did a beautiful job on the quilting. i couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.
i would post tweets, etc. of 'The Secret Project' {shortened T.S.P.} mainly to drive my friend crazy (she usually knows what i am working on). i'm wondering if she guessed it was for her.
last weekend was the wedding of my friend, and true to form, it was tuesday of the week of the wedding and i was finishing up the binding.
i am pleased to have it done and excited to give it to her when she returns from the honeymoon. she is a fellow lover of the blue-green color combination and like a sister to me. i am hoping she loves it as much as i do!
thanks for stopping by!
quilt details: 
size: 85"x92"
pattern: Single Girl, Denyse Schmidt
fabrics: kaffe fassett, michael miller, laura gunn, jessica levitt, echino, amh, heather bailey, kona: kiwi, turquoise, clover, peacock, aqua, green. background/binding-kona snow. backing: kona grass green
pieced, bound by me
quilted by Terri Kanyuk
started: october 2009- finished: october 2011



  1. oh, your rendition of SINGLE GIRL is fantastic! So glad you finished it up - just lovely!

  2. Love this quilt, I absolutely love the colors you have chosen and the quilting looks perfect :)

  3. Your is one of my favorites of all the SG quilts I've seen! And thats a lot! Great job!

  4. This is a beautiful quilt!! You friend will just love it!!!

  5. Wow!! I never did take to the Single Girl quilts, but this one is GORGEOUS! :D I just love the colors and the quilting you chose.

  6. Love your colors so much! Great eye :)

  7. Of course I love it as much as you do! It's beautiful and my very favorite wedding gift (don't tell my mother). I know we'll cherish it forever. Thanks friend.

  8. That is just stunning. You have a very lucky friend.

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt! I love the colours, I love the quilting. Everything!

  10. I love, love your single girl quilt, the colours are gorgeous and the quilting is the icing on the top.

  11. Well done, Laura! Such a thoughtful gift!!

  12. love the colors. It's an amazing gift, i hope your friend apprieciates the warmth and love you're giving her.

  13. I adore your color choices for this quilt. So many of these quilts were made last year, but yours is a favorite of mine.

  14. i showed my friends all of your quilts. they were impressed. :)


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