February 14, 2012

total catch-up

what happens when you don't have internet at your house for months?
lots of sewing and NO way of sharing. sheesh. i'm going to take a couple posts and do some recapping. hope you all don't mind. ;)
let's wrap up on the Christmas love.
our {lou}bee ladies did a name draw for an ornament +1/2 yard of fabric. this is the ornament i made for Grace, completely inspired by this. an ornament within an ornament. pretty fun. besides, who DOESN'T love a pocket.

this is the sweet ornament i received from the talented JuliAnn. i LOVE it all, right down to the blue thread. :)
 plus AMH Good Folks!!! it was a merry christmas indeed.
i had also been wanting to try this tutorial for fabric wrapped buttons or magnets (in this case, magnets). they were SO easy and so much fun. the button tops can be a little pricey, so next time i think i'll invest and buy in bulk for the discount price. i put a pair of those with some of my favorite peppermint bark for a little gift for the rest of the gals. 


i *heart* comments. thanks!