June 18, 2012

i {think} i can

we've been doing lots of library visiting this summer. one of the joys of having two small ones is getting to read all of the books i read growing up. one of our favorites, which we have checked out multiple weeks in a row, is The Little Engine that Could. the boys LOVE it.
the engine convincing himself "i think i can" whilst slowly chug chugging up the hill is pretty close to i how i feel with the fwqal. i've contemplated giving up on this project, ready to finish some quilts and the continuous {shall i say, NEVER ending} nature of these blocks had really gotten to me.
{i think i can}
i happened to venture into the fwqal flickr group containing a thread of finished quilts. it has inspired me to keep on sewin'.
{i think i can}
i decided to add some more fabric choices to the mix to both keep me interested and able to get some great combos. who doesn't love d.s.'s flea market fancy?? i'm so happy i added it.
i cut out a ton of blocks this week, got some quality time with the machine this weekend, and ta-da! more.blocks.
i think this brings me to 89. only 22 to go!
{i think i can, i think i can, i think i can}
57 {morning}
67 {pine tree}
78 {shooting star} - love how this turned out
86 {squash blossom}
87 {star gazer}
88 {star of hope}
89 {steps to the altar}
92 {streak of lightning}
93 {swallow}
94 {tall pine tree} - ha. i really loved this one, until i noticed that it's put together wrong. whoops! we'll see if i redo or not
98 {waterwheel}

100 {weathervane} so similar to 57 it made me look twice!
103 {whirlwind} - need to fix that little fold
105 {wild goose chase}- this was a fun one
106 {wild rose & square}
108 {windmill}
111 {wrench}- love this fabric combo!


  1. this batch of blocks is amazing! did you really do these all this weekend? you are getting so close to the end!

  2. you are a machine! Looking good!!

  3. Wow - these look fantastic - I especially love how your Shooting Star block turned out!

  4. They are all incredible! I am always impressed with your work!


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