December 10, 2012


i've been experimenting with some of the ideas/patterns i've found on pinterest. 
these masks are AWESOME. they were a little time consuming, but they have been an immediate hit with the boys. i love the small time investment on my part for such a fun creative activity for the boys.
when i saw this tutorial on pinterest, i knew they would be a loved project. to make it even better, i had some home dec fabric from joann's i had bought on sale last year. i used up most of what i had on these and they make great reading pillows.
i tried to make these pouches, but was unsuccessful. i even kept the two i made so i could take pictures and share my failure, but i cannot {for the life of me} find where they disappeared to. i think my mistake was the fact that i didn't use a metal zipper. i used a regular plastic one. the plastic zipper made it difficult to sew around the corners and when unzipping the zipper gives. after looking around, i think i'm going to try this tutorial for a zippy wallet; same size, no curved zipper.
the halloween costume. my boys have fallen hard for How to Train your Dragon. when i asked my oldest what he wanted to be, after toying wtih the idea of robin hood, he finally settled on toothless {the dragon}. i remember seeing this costume last year. he wanted to be black with red {his favorite} and blue.
the tail is from this tutorial. it velcros around the waist. i made two tails, one for each boy. {trying to kill arguments before they happen}. i love they now 'fly' around the house together; a dragon and buzz lightyear.

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  1. Those masks are great and the costume is adorable, my kids always loved playing dress up.


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