November 23, 2013

busy bee

this round for our {lou}bee we are doing a secret sister swap {sss}. basically, it's christmas every month. we have a secret sister we're thinking of and creating for, and another is doing the same for us. then we go to some public place to exchange and make emotional messes out of each other. it's FANTASTIC! i don't know about you, but when you love to create, it's almost even MORE fun to create for people you love and then even MORE MORE great to create for people who appreciate the art of creating {whew!}. that's how much fun this is.
i've decided to stick with pillows {i hope that's good for the girls who have yet to get theirs}. what i love about these are the fact they are basically mini quilts. it's been fun to try some new things.
month #1 for JuliAnn
{20" pillow}
completely inspired by the AMH prism quilt/pillow. i ADORE these fabrics and pattern. AMH is a color genius. seriously.{hopefully soon} you will see a full quilt inspired by this.
i was making some of these little guys for my little boys and thought i'd send some along for her boy. 

month #2 for MaryClaire
another AMH free pattern, the feather pattern. done in the lovely chicopee. i love everything about this pillow.
{18" pillow}
month #3 for Jamie
{picture borrowed from Jamie}{my pillow is on the left}{18" pillow}
this pillow was fun for me. i love these fabrics {tula pink}, though not as much as jamie, i just have a really hard time using them in things i'm creating for myself. it was fun to be thinking of jamie's love for these as i used them. this was also my first time piecing hexagons by machine. ooooo...i'm so glad i tried this. it makes the thought of a hexagon quilt a little further in my reach of possible. i am obviously a dork, though, and completely forgot that juliann had ALSO made her a tula hexagon pillow. nothing new under the sun. 
i'm using this pillow tutorial and will probably do a separate pinterest-y post with more links.

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