July 14, 2014

{challenge} quilt

i really should know better than to rely on my memory to keep an accurate account of {well, anything, really} how inspiration moves. i know it started by looking at the spindl-y fabric, to circles-radius'-stars, to dissecting above items, to this randomly finished project.

the thing i love about this project is that i really had no idea where i was going with it. it morphed at each stage. it's not my favorite quilt at all, but i am glad to have finished it and to have tried something new and pretty outside my normal asthetic. the curves are free-handedly cut and sewn back together. 

i wanted to play with the negative space, but didn't feel like curvy-line-quilting would have done it justice. i went with 1/4" straight line quilting instead. i like it, but feel like maybe a different kind of quilting could have stepped it up a notch. not to mention learning that unless it's a small quilt, there may never be 1/4" quilting in my future again {takes for.e.ver.}.

i'm glad to be joining my fellow guild members in the michael miller fabric challenge open wide to the modern quilting guild.

quilt stats
size: 40"x42"
fabrics: michael miller fabric from STLMQG, solids
pieced & quilted by me

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  1. This was definitely a fav of mine.

    I hear you about the 1/4" quilting (how long it takes that is). I did 1/2" quilting on a recent quilt and while I vow to never do it again...I know I one day will.


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