July 24, 2014


another sweet baby to be celebrated, whose parents are HUGE harry potter fans. they made the decisions for this quilt easy.
it started with a few screen printed blocks from amanda at the craft junky. she was delightful to work with.
searching online for free paper pieced harry potter blocks led me to this site, rounding me out with the crest, wands, and the deathly hallows symbol.
improv-ing {yes, a word} my way along, with some solid advice from friends, i added some color with the low volume background. this quilt, then, is my first official dive into the 'low volume' aesthetic. it's also my first REAL attempt at free motion quilting, and while it's not perfect by any means, i feel confident about gifting it away to this special babe.
{you can see his mom's post about it here}
quilt stats
size: 43"x43"
pieced & quilted by me


  1. Nicely done, Laura! I've collected a few block patterns myself with the idea that I might eventually make something for my youngest daughter who is head-over-heels with all things Harry Potter. I'm curious as to whether you have a favorite block.

  2. This quilt is THE BEST!!! Thank you for making it for Baby James (and Michael and me!) I debated for a long time over whether to make this a wall quilt in his room because I love to look at it, or to make it "his quilt" that he'll roll around on and carry around with him till he's 18 or so. :) In the end I decided to make it "his" and we've been playing on it every single day. I've explained all the blocks to him. So far he keeps gravitating toward the cupcake one. Thank you sooooo much for this amazing quilt!


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