July 16, 2014


with a load of boys running amok in this house, it's rare that i get to sew with pink. it's probably the smallest color represented in the hoarde stash. when some dear friends of ours had a sweet girl, i couldn't resist.

i've been wanting to try out this pattern since i saw it years ago. the search for pink in the stash and grays from the scrap bucket were complimented by the ease with which i found this pattern to be followed.

this quilt is the first i've used quilter's dream batting for, and it will certainly not be the last. it truly is a dream, and the drape!...seriously worth the extra money.

quilt stats
size: 45"x45"
pattern: lemon squares by fresh lemons
pieced & quilted by me

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  1. So pretty! I'm sure it was quite a treat to play with another color palate. I recently purchased Quilter's Dream batting and am anticipating that I will also love it as I've heard so many others comment on the drape.


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