May 30, 2015

{umbrella prints}

i'm pretty excited about this quilt. i've had a package of umbrella trimmings for two years with the intention of making a quilt to enter into the contest. this year i pushed myself to complete it.

lately, i've found myself quilting based off of a lot of patterns, and while i have enjoyed what i'm making, i've felt rather bound. the arrival of daintytime's book into my library and the endless inspiration and creative options in it pushed me to pick up the trimmings pack and set to work. this quilt was inspired by this textile and without a ruler. how freeing to just cut fabric and sew!
i started with a basic block of the triangles, with that as my only 'parameter'. seeing a pile of traingle-ish scraps, i decided the next 'parameter' would be to use all of the umbrella prints scraps, down to teeny tiny bits. the quilt was intentionally left not square.
this quilt was a great intro into the options this book inspires. i'm excited to work on the next project!

quilt stats
size: 55"x45"
fabrics: solids and umbrella trimming package
pieced and quilted by me


  1. I love it! It's very refreshing to make something with no strict rules or corners to match. You have highlighted the Umbrella Prints beautifully!

  2. I love how this turned out Laura! Some of the best things are made when you have no rules! 💕

  3. This is so striking. I like it ALOT!

  4. Amazing quilt. I Love how you freed yourself from constraints and came up with a real winner (I also commented on your entry on Pinterest...hope you win!)

  5. Lovely & freshly original; if that's not too tautological?!

  6. This turned out GREAT! And, LOVE that LJ print on the back.


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