October 5, 2011

summer sampler{s}

you know how a project can morph into a thousand ideas before it's complete? that is exactly what happened here (aka. it would have been [3] posts, but i'm cramming it into [1]).
when i heard abut the Summer Sampler Series i thought it would be a great chance to use solids (which i love) and learn a ton (which i did). talk about some great tutorials and easy learning. paper piecing here i come. i decided {of course} to make the quilt larger, maybe for the guest bed. instead of the 12 blocks i made 30, which also meant i added to the color scheme. love the blocks.

 {some of the blocks}

here's the moment of uncertainty...love it, hate it, love it, hate it.
once they were all together i really did not like it at all. maybe too much going on. so the project sat.

{all the blocks together, no sashing}

on another note, i had really wanted to donate a few quilts this year. i decided to make {3} quilts from the blocks; 2 quilts to donate, 1 to keep. i was originally going to donate them to a shelter or hospital. there are two non-profits loosely associated with our church, both of which have silent auctions coming up in october/november. i shot them 'are quilts something you would be interested in taking for bid items' emails. both said yes. deadlines here i come.
sampler number one
 this one is going to the Covering House auction.
their logo is a log cabin. i think i like the back almost more than the front.

sampler number two
 this one is going to Mission: St.Louis. love these guys and the work they do.
 the back letters inspired by modern alphabet

sampler number three
in all its wrinkly goodness, for me and not done yet.
i love the way these are different, yet similar. i'm glad to have them done, and even more that i can hand them off to wonderful causes.

quilt stats:
size: 52"x52"
fabrics: Kona Snow, Grass Green, Zucchini, Jade, Peacock, Aqua, Cerise, Orange, Amber, Canary, Curry, Bubble gum, Raisin, Purple
pieced, quilted, and bound by me
started: july 2011- finished: september 2011


  1. wow! you have been one busy lady! so gorgeous!

  2. They are all beautiful! What great way to share the love! Good job!

  3. Such great quilts. Love all three.

  4. Yayyyy! You have a blog to showcase your AMAZING quilts!!!!! The samplers are gorgeous. Such a cool idea to donate them to MissionSTL and Covering House also. Good work, Laura.

  5. Love them....all of them. What great sampler ideas! hmmmmmm


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