May 28, 2012

{city} girl problems

you know you're a city girl when you assume upon leaving for a short vacation for 3 days, there is no question of internet accessibility to tend to your little blog-space, only to find in the middle of nowhere, internet does not exist. {city}.girl.problems.
i apologize for the delay.
i loved reading all of the summer memories and am summing them up in a general doing really simple things with the ones you love. excellent! i think i can handle that!
on to the winner.....
random number generator has picked a number #227, Graciela, who wrote:

Everything I did with my grandparents while at the mountains. Best memories ever!
Greetings from Argentina!

i have sent you an email. thanks to everyone for entering!

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  1. Hi Laura! Thanks for letting me know by mail. The day I left the comment for the giveaway I meant to become a follower. Tried it a couple of times with no luck and then I just forgot about it!! So, I really appreciate your letting me know.
    By the have some beautiful quilts!!


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