May 14, 2012 your own pace

i started with good intentions, as i love the projects found in this book, but i can't seem to keep up with the one project a week ratio. i finally got around to these, though, and i'm glad to have made them. they were quick, easy projects to whip up.

 this is the pincushion. instead of lace as an embellishment (which i didn't have) i decided to do a little faux binding. i like the punch of color. i also didn't have any buttons on hand. i went for a little patch. had i thought ahead i would have sewed it in like a button, through the back. one.

this is one i have been eyeing to make for myself. a little travelling sewing kit. i had fun with my stamps for this one. i'll be excited to have all of my supplies in one place while on the road.


  1. These are adorable. I have been keeping up but as soon as summer comes, I know I won't. I am having fun making them. Right now, I am doing the quilt. I have limited linen, so I am making it out of flannel for a baby gift.

  2. i love at-your-own-pace projects. i have too many other things on my list to do rigid timeline things. your sewing kit is really cute.


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