September 4, 2012

{nearing the end}

of the completion of all of my fwqal blocks. yay!
while i admit i tend to love these blocks when they are done, the constant "are they done yet?" has been a little overwhelming. the encouragement from the flickr group has kept me going. i even {think} i have a plan for layout and background. i'm motivating myself to make sure i have all of the blocks done before i move on to planning out the quilt top. {baby steps}

43 {garden path} 
i didn't even realize this one was loaded with Y-seams until i was sewing them. i'm rather pleased with the result.
50 {honey's choice}
68 {postage stamp}
79 {silver lane}
90 {storm signal}
95 {temperance tree}
102 {whirlpool}
104 {wild geese}
107 {windblown squares}
109 {windows}
110 {wood lily}
this brings me to 99 total. whew! now to figure out just how big i want to make it. until then....


  1. Wow! Nice job! (And, with three boys in tow... Incredible!)

  2. gorgeous blocks. why does your garden path block have y seams? the only block i did with y seams was homemaker. i think garden path can be built up with little pieces into an eventual 4 patch. those stinking bias seams makes it very challenging, though.

  3. These are very lovely! Can't wait to see them all in your perfect layout

  4. Very pretty blocks! It looks like you're nearly done (if doing in order).

  5. I love your postage stamp block! All of them are beautiful - thanks for sharing!

  6. This is going to be one AMAZING quilt.


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