January 7, 2013


i had the chance to catch up on some {lou}bee sewing.
we have started another round {another year}. this year the rules are a little different. each member of the group designs a block and shares the pattern with the other ladies. we each make our blocks from our own fabric choices for quilts that will be similar to each others, but unique to each girl. we picked the theme  of "sewing".
i'm really excited about the fabrics i have chosen to do this quilt out of. i'm branching a little out of my usual style of things, realistically speaking it means i am not using any blue or green. i don't think i've made anything without using blue {which i love}. this is living on the edge, people. pink, orange, black, yellow, purple, text prints. a handful of the prints are jay maccaroll's new line center city, a few bella prints, an orange zigzag, a little DS chicopee, texts from madrona road, and {of course} a little AMH.
the first block was Kristy's block. she designed a block with spools. she said she kind of felt like the guinea pig having to go first. the spools were paper pieced. the block is 18 1/2" unfinished.
the next block was JuliAnn's sewing machine block. i just love it. i made a couple of changes to make it resemble the machine i sew on. i still need to add the needle and a few 'buttons'. this block was paper piece and is also 18 1/2" unfinished.

mary claire's awesome block was next. she had fabric on the brain {don't we all!}. i left her block unfinished, waiting to add borders or maybe some improv piecing when i put all of the blocks together.

this is the block that i designed. inspired by so many piles of lovely fabric and beautiful bundles, i thought it would be awesome to have a fabric bundle of our very own. the pattern designing was a different sort of process, but honestly, i LOVED it. the whole other side of my brain got a workout. this block is paper pieced and is 18 1/2" unfinished.

i'm looking forward to getting the other girls' blocks!

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  1. This is such a fun concept! I look forward to seeing more of your bee's blocks! PS I love your block!!


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