February 7, 2013

is it {too} late...

to do an end of the year recap and goals for this {ahem} almost 1/6th of the way done year?
no. awesome.
here's the visual recap of 2012. 5 quilts finished. some fun blocks for the {lou}bee ladies. continual work on my fwqal blocks.
i think this is pretty good, especially with the new arrival of baby boy #3. those little ones sure do put a damper on productivity, but boy, am i glad.
1. Modern Juice, 2. Coloblock, 3. zigzag, 4. {trip around the world}, 5. {+}quilt, 6. block for mc, 7. block, 8. {swoon}ing, 9. FWQAL

basically my goals for 2013 are the same as last year.
*use the stash. i've done better and i'm excited to continue cutting into all of this loved fabric. i recently realized some of my favorite quilts made by others are my favorite BECAUSE they use the {beloved} fabric i'm so often hesitant to cut in to. i'm motivated to use it or lose it.
*make quilts for our beds...all of them. i've actually made huge headway in this arena in the last month. details to come.
*make quilts i love. i think this keeps in line with {do what you love, with what you love, to make something worth loving}. creating beauty, not just quilts.
*quilts to donate. realistically, i'm not sure i have the time to donate a bunch of quilts this year. we'll see how the demands of home life play with this.

i liked the idea of having a word that describes your year. i felt like a good word for me for 2013 is {presence}. i want to be present for these fleeting moments with my boys that are flying by at lightning speed. thankfully, creating works along side of being with them, while they draw or color or imagine with their little guys under the table as i sew. i know these moments are precious and i want to do my best to capture them.

i'm looking forward to this year and taking my creativity with me!

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  1. You are wise beyond your years niece Laura. Enjoy those children, and yes the time with them is fleeting.


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