April 23, 2013

{fwqal} end in sight

YES!!! i am DONE piecing these bad boys. with half of the blocks already sashed, we should have a quilt top so soon!!! i'm so glad to have this project {almost} behind me.
 101 {single wedding ring}
 38 {four winds}

there were a few {3} blocks that just didn't quite gel with the other blocks, so redo blocks were in order. i love the blocks on the right so much more.

redo 11 {broken dishes}
redo 71 {puss in the corner}
redo 81 {snowball}

when i first began these quilt blocks, there were some of the blocks that did not appeal to me. i'm not a bouquet/vase/basket kind of girl. i also lost the templates to a few. melinda's blocks have been sheer inspiration for me throughout this project. she, too, made some substitutions for her quilt. i decided to follow, using her as quite the inspiration source for most of these blocks. i really am glad i did. these are some of my favorite!
 {card trick} i've been meaning to make this block
 {double T}
 {greek cross} 
without the HST's in the corners. i was really ready to be done piecing
 {ms. fay's friendship block} love this one
 {night vision}
 i have been DYING to do this block after seeing this mini quilt. it was a little tricky, and it's not perfect {notice bottom), but i'm so glad to have this block included
 {prairie flower} 
this one too has been on my list of to-do's since seeing this mini quilt and this pillow. i love this block.
{twisting star}
if you're reading this, thanks for sticking with me all of the way to the bottom! i'm ready to move on to the next phase for this quilt.


  1. Finishing the blocks is HUGE! Congrats!!

  2. This is an AMAZING feat! Well done!

  3. Great little blocks! Your card trick is my favourite!


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