April 14, 2013


there was quite a bit of craftiness happening around easter this year. i decided to make the boys some softie bunnies. after checking around for a free pattern, i decided to purchase the hop.skip.jump. pattern here.

they turned out adorable and weren't too time consuming. the two lighter ones are linen and the dark one is corduroy. picking out the fabric for each was a lot of fun. i only just finished embroidering the faces on. when asked if he loved his bunny, my 4-year old told me they looked a little creepy without faces. love honest toddlers. i love how they turned out and think these would make cute gifts.
i had also pinned this tutorial for toddler ties. OH.MY.GOODNESS. the three of these ties took me 30 minutes total to complete. such a satisfying quick project. again, the fabric for these was fun to pick out. as far as sizing, i needed to make the part that went around their necks a little bigger for a more comfortable fit, but they worked for the 15 minutes they were on. 
and since the boys only humored me in wearing them for pictures {kind of}, i thought the bunnies could show them off instead.


  1. Oh my gosh, Laura. SO CUTE!!! Your fabric choices are awesome!

    I think Mr. Aidan needs a tie, soon.... ;)

  2. Oh for the love of pete those bunnies! Gah - I don't need to make a bunny...I don't need to make a bunny....I don't need to make a bunny....


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