April 14, 2013


quilt number 3 out of 4 was an i-spy quilt for my middle son. the realization i had was if i continued humming and hawing over a pattern as i did with my first son's quilt, #2son might never get one. i decided to embrace "simple is better", the focus being the awesome fabrics.
i was extremely inspired by melinda and her onslaught of i-spy quilts and originally was going to do charms alternating with solids pattern. after getting all of the spying charms cut, though, i was in no mood for more charm cutting. i wanted to be done. i decided to cram 'em, frame 'em, off set 'em {the good old modern way}, and embrace some fun quilting. i'm so glad i did. i love it!
my boy loves blue and whales. done and done. this fabric could not have been more perfect.
as far as the charms go, when i first started collecting {modern} novelty fabric for boys, i WAY overestimated the amount i would need. this has ended up in quite a varied collection of fabrics.
he loves his quilt and loves all of the special things he knows i put in there just for him {like his initials and birthday year, tons of whales and a woolly mammoth}. it's just perfect.

quilt stats:
size: 67"x90"
pattern: 5"charm squares off set, framed with borders
fabrics: kona water, white; alexander henry, lizz house, lots of heather ross, david walker, echino, urban circus, dr. seuss, ed emberly, and some various others


  1. I'm not sure how much time passed before I realized I was checking out each and every square! The whales, the guitars, the scooters...so cool.

  2. LOVE this, Laura! Let me know if you want to unload any of your leftovers. I'd happily pay you to "up" the variety on Aidan's I-spy quilt!!!

  3. I think the quilts you are making are so very special! Love that they are made with so much love and purpose; it's inspiring!


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