May 16, 2013

tsuru mini

our guild had a swap this last month. we {secretly} chose a name card that had a room on it and perhaps a favorite color or theme. we were to make an item for that room; the room-by-room swap.
my partner wanted a wall hanging for her wine cellar. i was drawn to circles for inspiration. i had just gotten these templates for quarter circles. what a better time to try them out.
since there was no specific color inspiration mentioned, i picked some fabric i had on hand and that were out of my normal range of comfort level. i really love how it turned out! i wish i had a few more solid color choices, but now i know to stock up.
this was my first time making a small quilt for hanging. i put little triangle sleeves on all corners so she could pick the way it hung.
i went back and forth about quilting options, pretty dead set on doing some sort of radiating circle from the middle. in the end, i went with straight 1/2" lines. i do love me some line quilting.
quilt stats
size: 24"x24"
pattern: 1/4 circle template
fabric: tsuru, stamped, kona amber, curry, aloe & teal

pieced & quilted by me


  1. Definately loved this one Laura. Looks great and I'm sure your swap partner would agree!

  2. I just loved your piece! I'm a fan of Tsuru, and you made really good use of it. Beautiful!

  3. yeah....wanted to steal this one. LOVE it. LOooooooove it. Great work!

  4. Nice job Laura!

    I forgot to send your hubster a birthday card, oops. Please wish him a happy birthday from us.

    Aunt Donna!


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