May 26, 2013


this quilt is {almost} embarassing to share, having been a work in progress for over 2 years!! oh my.
this is a modern take on the i-spy quilt for my oldest son, who is NOW 4. this quilt started when his favorite color was green {i've been informed it's now red}. this was my first foray into collecting novelty prints for little boys. i had no idea how many prints i would need. apparently, not as many as i have now collected.
this quilt was completely inspired by a quilt Carolina Patchworks did for her son. i loved the simplicity of the pattern and the chance to let the fabrics stand by themselves. what i didn't take into account was all of the different size squares/rectangles and the time for cutting. even done in sections, the quilt took a while to piece.
the next decision with this quilt was figuring out how i wanted to quilt it. i'm not a free motion quilter, but i loved the thought of curved quilting with all of the straight lines already going on here. after it sitting for a YEAR i decided it just needed to be done. i found this tutorial on wavy quilting and jumped in. it's silly, now, to think that it took me so long to get this done. i love the quilting, LOVED doing it and am so glad to have this quilt for my boy.
you can see the quilting on the back. i had thought to go even a bit more dense, but ran out of green thread.
all in all this quilt was a stretch in growth for me in so many areas. i'm glad to have it done and be enjoyed by little munchkins.
quilt stats
size: 64"x84"
pattern: idea from carolina patchworks modern rose garden
fabrics: lots of boy novelty, kona grass green, alexander henry


  1. Love it - especially the fabric with "Molly" on it!

  2. LOVE this one, Laura! Turned out great! :)


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